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Hoof-Tite Grass with Gun.png

Hoof Trimmer's Choice Winner


Our line of Hoof Tite Adhesives are chosen by Trimmers around the world.  Hoof Tite is a two-part urethane, fast-setting adhesive that uses innovative packaging to save you time and money. Choose from Original, Max-Mix and Cold Weather formulas. 


Innovative Mixing Technology


Specially designed by Chem Select for use with HOOF TITE Bovine Adhesive and HOOF TITE Mixing Guns. HOOF TITE Mixing Tips offer a dual chamber and a 6" long tip which prevents contamination and allows for proper and controlled application of adhesive.  Check out our patent-pending Max Mix Tips for snap on convenience, dual chamber and a 6" long tip.

Wraps and Straps Shelf.png

Stick & Tear Technology


Cohesive, flexible bandages feature “Tear and Stick” technology. These wraps won’t absorb moisture or constrict and are waterproof and breathable. Safe Straps leg bands will stay on in all conditions, but are easy to remove. These bands can be written on, washed and re-used.

Hoof Tite Blocks Clouds.png

Tradeshow Top Seller


Rubber Safe Blocks are made with a proprietary rubber blend to provide unparalleled cow comfort with a flexible and anti-slip material for ultimate traction on wet surfaces. Our Rubber Blocks are also available in "Firm" to add durability, slight flexibility, and longevity. Our durable hardwood blocks boast an anti-slip design and are cost effective. Available in four sizes.

Wunder Sauce with Cow in Grass.png

Proven Results


Wunder Sauce is a digital dermatitis paste created by a Hoof Trimmer for Hoof Trimmers. This advanced formula is extremely effective on symptoms of digital dermatitis with proven and consistent results.  Wunder Sauce is easy to apply, cost effective, and antibiotic free.


Apply with Ease & Precision


This state-of-the-art applicator makes using Hoof Tite's fast-setting adhesive quick and easy by allowing for precise application onto hoof blocks. Our unique design allows the cartridge to quickly lock into place to prevent it from falling out. Made of durable metal, the Hoof Tite Applicator will work with all of our adhesives and others on the market.

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